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Welcome to the Crafts Shop
Featuring an always-growing array of
unusual and helpful products and tools
to help you with your own crafts projects.

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Let me know what you would like to see. I welcome your own suggestions and questions.

Projects and Tools
Craft Project Decorations

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Please visit the NEW Crafts Show page with one-of-a-kind miniatures and crafts made with miniatures.

  Projects and Tools
The following items are currently available in limited quantities.
Cookie/Clay Cutter Sets:
A set of cookie cutters with a tiny rolling pin and spatula, perfect for little hands. This is a great set for young children, and it works well with clay as well as traditional cookie-making. Just don't use them for both!
Toy Set
Price: $8.00
Farm Animal Set
Price: $8.00
    Alphabet Cutter Set

NEW Fill-A-Frame

A wonderful way to frame and enhance a favorite photo! AND a great crafts project for children and adults!

A very study plastic frame that you can actually fill with anything from memorabilia to jellybeans!

Comes with 2-sided black and white mat board, easel back and wall hangers, and snap together assembly instructions.  

4" x 6"


  Decorative Flatbacks
Beautiful sets of plastic adornments- can be used to decorate any craft project--picture frames, jewelry boxes, scrapbooks, mirrors, hairclips and more!
You might get some ideas when you visit the Crafts Show page on this website.
They generally measure about 1", some a bit larger.

Children's Party Project Idea:
I've invited children to select from an assortment of flatbacks and then decorate a clear plastic picture frame.
Then, I took a Polaroid photo of each child to place in the frame.
You can add a sticker that says "Thanks for coming to ___'s party." At a fundraising event for families a sticker with the organization's name was added. It's a fun project, a wonderful party favor and a great marketing vehicle!

Feel free to email for ideas or more information.

Also, I welcome your own crafts ideas to share with other visitors.

Pastel Ballet Slippers (1")
Set of 6
Price: $3.00
Butterflies (1.5")
Set of 4
Price: $4.00
Cars (2.25")
Set of 4
Price: $4.00
Rock 'n Roll
Set of 4
Price: $4.00
Flowers (2.25")
Set of 4
Price: $4.00
Set of 7
Price: $3.00

I Love New York/ Set of 3
NY Times is made of paper
Price: $3.50

Set of 5
Price: $3.00
  Women's Shoes
Set of 6
Price: $3.00
Cool Gal
Set of 6
Price: $4.50
Colorful Scotties
Set of 5
Price: $3.00

At The Hop
Set of 5
Price: $4.50

  A Potpourri of Miniatures
A selection of miniatures that is ever-growing. Pictured is just a small sampling of miniatures. Miniatures listed on Let's Get Personal can also be purchased individually.
Custom orders are welcome--feel free to make any requests.

  Fun idea: a bride recently requested that the skis be personalized as part of wedding bouquets.
  Tennis Racquet
Price: $3.00
Miniature Chow Chow
Price: $9.99
Ask about other breeds!
Price: $3.00
  Personalize a director's chair as part of a fun gift for a director, aspiring film industry professional or movie buff!  
    Director's Chair
3H x 2W x 1D
Price: $11.00
2.25H x 3.5W x .5D
Price: $6.00