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Memories in Miniature history and ordering tips

Featuring Unique and Whimsical Handmade Miniatures
and One-Of-A-Kind Crafts with Miniatures

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Decoupage Picture Frames
Mini-Decoupage Magnet Frames
Mini Clay Frames
Hair Clips
Surprise Boxes

Information about Ordering

*Please note*: These are all one-of-a-kind crafts that, once sold, may not be reissued.
Please let me know the kinds of craft you would like and it will be created just for you!
Visit this page frequently to see new products!

Please visit the NEW Crafts Supplies page with unusual products and tools for your own crafts projects!

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Picture Frames
Solid wood frame with fun art paper decoupage and miniatures. Glass insert. Sturdy Easelback.
Prices: 4x6- $12; 5x7- $15
Special: Buy 2 and get 10% discount!

Ordering Information:
The crafts pictured on this page are exactly the products being sold.

Since they are one-of-a-kind, I recommend that you send an email with your specific requests, noting the item numbers pictured beneath each photo.  
Also, please include your city, state and zip code. (NYS Residents will be charged sales tax.)

Shipping will be first class USPS with insurance/delivery confirmation, unless you request other arrangements. It will be free as noted by special offer. Shipping/handling fees will vary by order.

I accept money orders, cashiers checks, and payment by PayPal. Personal checks are accepted but items will not ship until the check has cleared.

Item DF1:
5 x 7 Dog Frame

Item DF2:
4 x 6 Gardening Frame
Item DF3:
4 x 6 Princess Frame
Item DF4:
4 x 6 Rock 'n Roll Frame
Item DF5:
4 x 6 Chic Lady Frame
Item DF6:
5 x 7 Cat Frame

Mini-Decoupage Magnet Frames
Solid wood frame with fun art paper decoupage and miniatures.
Glass insert. Magnet on back, and a small hook.
Square frames measure 2.75" and hold images measuring 1.5"
Rectangle frames measure 2.75" x 3.5" and hold images measuring 1.5" x 2.25"
All priced: $6
Special: 3 for $15

  Item MF1:
Neon Music Frame
Item MF2:
Purple Dog Frame

Item MF3:
Black Cat Frame

Item MF4:
Baseball Frame
  Item MF5:
Cowboy Frame
Item MF6:
Dino Frame Rect. 1
Item MF7:
Flower Frame Rect. 1
Item MF8:
Football Frame
  Item MF9:
Dog Frame Square
Item MF10:
Golf Frame
Item MF11:
Headset H2O Frame
Item MF12:
Sneaker H2O Frame
  Item MF13:
Jukebox Frame
Item MF14:
Skating Frame
Item MF15:
Dino Frame Sq 1
Item MF16:
Flower Frame Sq 1

Mini Clay Frames
Intricate handmade formed within clay similar to the millefiore glass technique.
Clay is then molded around a solid wood frame with glass insert, wire clay "legs"and
decorated with an assortment of miniatures.
Square frames measure 2.75" and hold images measuring 1.5"
Rectangle frames measure 2.75" x 3.5" and hold images measuring 1.5" x 2.25"
All priced at $10.
Special: Buy 2 for $18 (a 20% discount!)

  Item MCF1:
Mini Angels Frame
Item MCF2:
Mini Baseball Frame
Item MCF3:
Mini Coffee Kitchen Frame
Item MCF4:
Mini Cowboy Frame
  Item MCF5:
Mini Golf Frame
Item MCF6:
Mini Fish Frame
Item MCF7:
Mini Cameo Frame
Item MCF8:
Mini Doctor Frame

These unusual, one-of-a-kind pins combine miniature picture frames that contain
3-Dimensional collages made with miniatures and hand-pattern clay
(just like the picture frames above) and sealed with a polycrylic finish
for whimsical wearable crafts.
They work best on jackets/blazers or heavy sweaters.
Large pins measure approximately 2" x 2.5"
Small pins measure approximately 1.5" x 2
Prices: Large Pins-$14: Small Pins: $11

  Item P1:
Large Barbie®-inspired Pin
Item P2:
Small Yorkie Pin
Item P3:
Large Cat Pin 1
Item P4:
Large Cat Pin 2
  Item P5:
Small Classical Pin
Item P6:
Large Musical Pin

Hair Clips
Hand-crafted hair clips with wonderful plastic flatbacks.
A variety of fun themes.
Large Hairclips: $5 (measure approximately 4")
Small Hairclips: $3 (measure approximately 2.5")
Special: Buy 2 or more Hairclips and get free shipping!

  Item H1:
Large Butterfly Clip
Item H2:
Large Cool Gal Clip
Item H3:
Small Baby Animals Clip
Item H4:
Large Cats Clip
  Item H5:
Large Dogs Clip
Item H6:
Large Western Clip
Item H7:
Small Dog Clip
  Surprise! Boxes
Tiny chipwood boxes hand-painted and topped with a hand-made clay figure.
Each box is filled with miniscule, hand-made clay objects related to the item on top.
These are a most popular little delight among children and adults at crafts fairs in NYC!
They are delicate, however, and although little children love them, they are not a toy.
Oval boxes measure only about 1.25".
Price: $10.
Special: Buy 2 for $18.
  Item B1:
Dino Box/Eggs
Item B2:
Squirrel Box/Acorns
Item B3:
Frog Prince Box/Kisses
Item B4:
Chick Box Red/Eggs
  Item B5:
Chick Box Pink/Eggs
Item B6:
Bunny Box Pink/Carrots
Item B7:
Bunny Box Yellow/Carrots